• A Portrait of Jianghu:Reincarnated Disciple

  • 状态:24集全 / 共24集
  • 类型:奇幻 言情
  • 主演:秦晓轩 王奕婷 夏楠 陈涛 李淑婷 龙水婷 白冰可 张乙恺
  • 年代:2023
  • 地区:大陆

简介:The story took place in two parallel universes named Yuan and Yi, where people shared the same life and death. Nian Yangxiao, came from the Yuan World to save his true love Kong Linghui, crossed the border to the Yi World in search of the killer who assassinated his love. In the Yi World, however, he and Kong Linghui were enemies. Kong Linghui tried everything to kill him. At the same time, the mysterious girl Yong'er, the romantic street gangster, the cold-faced police officer Nuo Dun and others appeared one after another, each accompanied with a complex case. The involvement of Nian Yangxiao made the cases more complicated and confusing. A suspenseful, thrilling, blood-burning and fantastic adventure in different time and space was launched in "A Portrait of Jianghu: Double Life".

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